As of now, a good majority of us have been subjected to the endless job of raking leaves. The repetitive motion and improper body mechanics that come with task need to be addressed. There is an increased risk of injury to your back and other areas of your body. Here are some tips you can follow:

1) Be sure to bend with your hips and your legs when you’re reaching down to pick up leaves and bags. DO NOT bend from your lower back when doing this.

2) Make sure to stay properly hydrated. A lot of times we feel that when it is cold we are not sweating or burning energy as much. Drinking water will help you function better and stay energized while you work.

3) When actually raking, make sure to pivot your feet with you as you move or turn. Planting your feet and just moving the rake with your upper body and arms while your feet stay still can lead to a lot of problems.

4) Don’t forget to take a break! Take on those leaves in little stages. Breaking up the yard work will keep you fresh and lower your chance of injury.