Summer Swimming Safety

Should you really wait an hour to swim after eating? The old advice about swimming after eating has a small grain of truth, especially for the serious swimmer. But for most of us who just splash around or relax on a float, having a full stomach won’t hurt us.Although it is true that digestion diverts large amounts of blood to the stomach, which can theoretically cause cramps during vigorous exertion, swimming at a normal level after a light meal poses no appreciable danger. Instead focus more on the far more likely concerns, such as the following avoidable diving accidents:When jumping into unknown water always jump feet first.

  • While at the beach don’t dive toward the bottom of oncoming waves or with your back to them.
  • Always body surf with your hands ahead of you.
  • While in a swimming pool, test the diving board’s spring before using it.
  • Diving off its side is dangerous, only dive straight ahead and never into an

    above ground pool or the shallow end.

  • Nine out of ten diving injuries occur in six feet of water or less.

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