Precautions To Include With Your Summer Activities

Enthusiasm for summer sports and general fitness activities can go beyond your body’s physical limitations. In your efforts for better health you can overdo exercise when the thermostat reaches the high 80’s or 90’s. The result can be heat exhaustion, heat cramps or even heat stroke. Profuse sweating, following strenuous exercise or physical labor in an extremely hot atmosphere, are situations which can bring on serious heat reactions. Such conditions are more likely to happen to some people than others, specifically, elderly persons, small children, persons with chronic mobility issues, overweight people, especially if they live in a normally moderate climate. Athletes, sports enthusiasts or physical laborers, especially should supplement excessive fluid loss. Drinks low in refined sugar are best. The sweeter the drink, the longer it remains in the stomach, and thus the longer it takes to replace the fluid lost from the body. Alcoholic beverages are contraindicated. Direct effects of heat alone are not the only hot weather danger. If your body temperature builds and fatigue sets in, your coordination and discretion could be impaired, inviting other types of injuries.

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