Improve Your Posture

When standing, think of a wire attached to the top of your head. Some people tend to slouch and have an excessive curve in the lower back. The imaginary “wire” will help to prevent this. When standing for long periods, frequently shift weight from one foot to the other, always keep moving and changing positions. This will minimize the tension and compression on the spine. When sitting, especially at a work station for long hours, bring your chair close enough so that you are not bending forward. Utilize a chair that has good low back support and is adjustable to fit your build. If your feet do not touch the floor use a foot rest so the knees are slightly higher than the hips. Get up and stretch, move around every half hour or so if possible. While driving, strive also to have your knees slightly higher than hips. Adjust the seat to easily reach the pedals. If possible periodically on long drives tilt the seat at slightly different angles. Stop every couple of hours to stretch and walk around. Sleep on a supportive mattress, preferably not on your stomach. Choose shoes that are a good fit and offer proper support for daily wear. High heels are only for short periods of time and not for walking any distance.

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