Chiropractic care relieves winter aches and pains.

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Back Pain Guidelines

American College of Physicians New Guideline For Back Pain

Clinicians and patients should select nonpharmacologic treatment with superficial heat massage, acupuncture, or spinal manipulation ( A.K.A. Chiropractic Care), the American College of Physicians says in its new guidance.

It may be a big change for many doctors, who often turn to pills first for patients who are in pain.

For patients with chronic low back pain, the American College of Physicians (ACP) recommends non-drug therapy first, the organization says in the new guidelines, published in the Annals of Internal medicine.

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New Years

A New Year’s Wish

May you have:

Enough happiness to keep you sweet.

Enough trials to keep you strong.

Enough sorrow to keep you human.

Enough hope to keep you happy.

Enough failure to keep you humble.

Enough success to keep you eager.

Enough friends to give you comfort.

Enough wealth to meet your needs.

Enough enthusiasm to look forward.

Enough faith to banish depression.

Enough determination to make each day better than yesterday!


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Have A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Customs… How They Began

Use of the nativity scene (crèche) as a Christmas symbol dates back to St. Francis of Assisi. In 1224, he set up a manger scene in the hills above the village of Greccio, Italy, to dramatize for his parishioners the humble origins of Jesus. He built a real stable with live animals, straw and hay. People dressed as Mary and Joseph, and shepherds stood among the cattle near a straw filled manger containing a lifelike wax image of the Christ Child.

In Greccio, the manger scene was so loved by the villagers that it was repeated year after year at Christmas. Gradually it was adopted by other towns and the custom spread. Eventually, the manger scene became as important to the celebration of Christmas in Southern Europe as the Christmas tree was in the north.

The wassail bowl that we associate with Christmas celebrations comes from an ancient Saxon drinking custom. The medieval wassail bowl was chosen for its size and beauty and was decorated with arcs of evergreen over the top. The drink itself was a combination of hot ale, sugar, nutmeg or ginger, decorated with baked apples.

Christmas carolers in old England often carried wassail bowls with them when they went caroling. They would go “wassailing” to the house of a friend, sing a carol, and offer a drink to those inside.

Hanging mistletoe is a pagan customthat has survived become a part for Christmas holiday traditions. Druid priests cut mistletoe wit a golden sickle and caught it in a white cloth before I could touch the ground. It was then distributed to their followers to hang in their homes. Its magical powers were supposed to bring happiness, romance and peace.

In ancient Scandinavia, enemies meeting by chance beneath a tree bearing mistletoe were obliged to disarm, embrace in friendship and keep peace together for the rest of the day. Perhaps from this legend comes the English custom of kissing beneath the mistletoe.

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Neck Pain

Dealing With Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic neck pain, you definitely know it. An estimated 7 in 10 adults develop it at some point in their lives. The big question of course, is what can you do about it? Fortunately neck pain is effectively treated with chiropractic care. In fact, recent guidelines on neck pain recommend spinal manipulation as treatment. It is also important to recognize that exercises can be very helpful. The reality is that neck exercises can be gentle and easy to do, and don’t require a lot of equipment or time. There are certain muscles in the neck that are designed to help us maintain our normal and healthy curve of the spine. Unfortunately we look down most of the day, reading, working on computers, watching TV, etc. These deep neck flexors often fatigue quickly, setting the stage for neck pain. To start your exercise program do simple chin tucks while sitting or standing. Simply tuck your chin in and hold it until you feel the muscle fatigue. As you get comfortable with this movement progress to range of motion movements and then isometric strengthening. Remember the goal is to increase the endurance of your neck muscles.

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Did You Know

Did You Know…

Back symptoms are the most common cause of disability for persons under the age of 45.

People who smoke, are obese, depressed, anxious, or have high stress jobs, have a higher incidence of low back pain.

The back is more vulnerable to injury during the first hour after waking and any time after prolonged periods of sitting or sleeping.

Most back injuries are not the result of a single activity or exposure to heavy lifting but instead are related to repetitive motion.

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Bad Diets

Bad Diets Tied to 400,000 U.S. Deaths

Unhealthy diets may have contributed to as many as 400,000 premature deaths from heart disease and strokes in 2015, a new study estimates.

And, it’s not just the things you should be avoiding, such as salt and trans fats, which are contributing to these deaths. The excess deaths may also be caused by what’s missing in your diet, namely, nuts and seeds, vegetables and whole grains, the researchers said.

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States, killing more people than any other cause. Poor diet is the top risk factor for cardiovascular disease death and therefore needs attention when setting health agendas. Debates on dietary policies tend to focus on cutting out unhealthy foods and nutrients, such as trans fats, salt and sugar sweetened beverages. But this study shows that a large number of heart related deaths may be due to the lack of healthy foods.

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“Dos” and “Don’ts” For The Holidays

Do…Get started early with your Holiday preparations and try to relax and enjoy the season, it’s supposed to be fun! If you are having guests, remember that they are coming to enjoy the time with a happy, healthy you, not to inspect your home.

Don’t… Devote too much time to cleaning and getting everything spotless and perfect. Don’t run yourself into the ground, do enough that everything looks nice. No one will notice and you won’t be exhausted.

Do…Begin your Christmas shopping early and gradually wind it down before the crowds hit the stores. You’ll find a better selection of items and it will spare you the stress that comes with “last minute” rushing.

Don’t…Insist that your guests indulge themselves excessively as they enjoy your holiday dinner. Let them leave the table feeling comfortable. Holiday cooking is always a lot of preparation and work and it is all over in 20 minutes at meal time, there is no way to get around that so relax and enjoy the company around the table.

Do…Make a “to do” list, and make sure you ask for help in completing your tasks. Enlist the help of each family member, no matter how young or old. They may not admit it but they enjoy being involved with your holiday traditions. With everyone lending a hand, it will help alleviate much of the stress and tension that the holidays usually bring.

May The Joys and Blessings Of The Holiday Season Be With You Now And Throughout The Coming Year!

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Snow Shoveling

Tips for Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling is one of the more common causes of back injuries during the winter months. However, this type of injury is preventable if you know the best ways to remove snow without straining the back. The following snow removal tips can help you to avoid low back injuries and pain during the snowy winter season.

Pick The Right Shovel

· An ergonomic snow shovel can help take some of the effort out of snow removal chores.

· A shovel with a curved handle or an adjustable handle length will minimize painful bending, requiring you to bend your knees only slightly and arch your back very slightly while keeping the shovel blade on the ground.

Warm Up Thoroughly

· Cold, tight muscles are more prone to injury than warmed up, flexible muscles. Do your back a favor by warming up for five to ten minutes before shoveling or any strenuous activity.

· Stretch your low back and hamstrings (the large muscles in the back of the thigh) with some gentle stretching exercises.

Use Ergonomic Lifting Techniques

· Whenever possible, push the snow to one side rather than lifting it.

· Bend at the hips, not the low back, and push the chest out, pointing forward. Then, bend your knees and lift with your leg muscles, keeping your back straight.

· Keep your loads light and do not lift an object that is too heavy for you.

· If you must lift a shovel full, grip the shovel with one hand as close to the blade as comfortably possible and the other hand on the handle (handle and arm length will vary the technique).

· Avoid twisting the back to move the snow to its new location – always pivot your whole body to face the new direction.

· Walk to the new location to deposit the item rather than reaching or tossing.

Pace Yourself

· Shoveling small amounts of snow frequently is less strenuous than shoveling a large pile at once.

  • In deep snow, remove a few inches off the top at a time, rather than attempting to shovel the full depth at once.

· When shoveling, take frequent short breaks.

Keeping these guidelines in mind during the winter season will lessen the chances of developing new back problems or worsening your low back pain while shoveling, and hopefully make your winter a healthier and more enjoyable experience.

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