Bad Diets Tied to 400,000 U.S. Deaths

Unhealthy diets may have contributed to as many as 400,000 premature deaths from heart disease and strokes a new study estimates.

And, it’s not just the things you should be avoiding, such as salt and trans fats, which are contributing to these deaths. The excess deaths may also be caused by what’s missing in your diet, namely, nuts and seeds, vegetables and whole grains, the researchers said.

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States, killing more people than any other cause. Poor diet is the top risk factor for cardiovascular disease death and therefore needs attention when setting health agendas. Debates on dietary policies tend to focus on cutting out unhealthy foods and nutrients, such as trans fats, salt and sugar sweetened beverages. But this study shows that a large number of heart related deaths may be due to the lack of healthy foods.

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